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Ice, snow, wet conditions . . . In Central Europe, Euromobil looks out for winter drivers, ensuring our cars are fitted out with the right tyres for the season.

In Germany, we comply with § 2 (3) of the Road Traffic Regulation (StVO), which provides that “motor vehicles are to be equipped appropriately in accordance with weather conditions. This includes having suitable tyres and anti-freezing agent in the windscreen washer system.” Thus proper car equipment is required by German law. So in winter, when you drive Euromobil you’re staying on the safe side –

the car rental company that thinks ahead! All German Euromobil rental cars are equipped with winter tyres, as the law requires, to get you safely through the rough-weather season.

You will need to have the following documents ready when renting a car at a Euromobil Rental Agent:

  • A valid personal ID and valid driving license (original) for each driver.

Because of our strict adherence to regulations, Euromobil cannot provide a rental car if this documentation is not presented at the time of rental. It is illegal to rent vehicles to anyone unable to present a driving license as required – Local Road Traffic Acts can provide for punishment of up to one year’s imprisonment or a large fine if the registered owner of a vehicle allows their vehicle to be driven by any individual who does not have the necessary driving license or is prohibited from driving the vehicle.

Being aware of this responsibility, Euromobil is careful to ensure that all required documentation is on file

We normally require our customers to provide a credit card by way of security and/or deposit for rentals. Your Rental agent will be happy to discuss their specific requirements in this regard. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of your Euromobil Rental Agent and the card issuer’s Terms and Conditions before signing a car rental contract.

Without exception you must obtain written approval from your Euromobil Rental Agent before travelling outside the country in which you rent a vehicle. Several factors determine whether driving your rental car outside of that country can be approved. First of all, the car may require special equipment in certain countries due to differing safety regulations. The renter/driver also has to be aware of and comply with local traffic rules in order to avoid being involved in traffic accidents. Your local Euromobil Rental Agent can provide you with more detailed information on the terms & conditions for international rental car travel.

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